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Professional Interpreting Services

With our extensive experience in legal and medical proceedings within the California worker’s compensation industry, we ensure the precision of information processing. This expertise allows us to accurately translate various types of documents, whether it is for in-person or remote settings

On-site or remote virtual Interpreting

“We offer flexible interpreting services tailored to our client’s needs and preferences within the worker’s compensation system. Our in-person interpreting services can be provided at a location of the client’s choice. Alternatively, we also provide over-the-phone interpreting services for clients who prefer this option. Regardless of the method, we strive to ensure clear and accurate communication between all parties involved.”

Statewide Coverage

“Thanks to our extensive network of interpreters located throughout the state, we are well-equipped to meet our clients’ language and venue requirements within the worker’s compensation system. Our vast pool of interpreters allows us to promptly and efficiently fulfill requests for specific languages and venues. We are committed to providing high-quality interpreting services that facilitate effective communication and contribute to successful outcomes for our clients.”

Available  Emergency Request

“Our commitment to prompt and efficient service within the worker’s compensation system means that a representative will respond to your request within minutes. You can expect a confirmation message that your request is being actively worked on. Our dedicated team strives to provide clear and timely communication to our clients, ensuring that they are informed and updated every step of the way.”

Same Day Service

“At our agency, we prioritize meeting our clients’ needs by providing comprehensive measures to ensure a service experience that exceeds expectations. Our commitment to timely service includes same-day service for urgent requests. Additionally, our in-house driver is always available to conveniently pick up and deliver documents between your office and ours. With our efficient and responsive team, we can guarantee completion of your request within 24 hours, providing peace of mind and assurance of a satisfactory outcome within the worker’s compensation system.”

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